Friday, March 23, 2012

RedHat: verify loaded kernel module options

How can you check the options on loaded kernel modules in RedHat Linux?
For example, we have a qla2xxx kernel module loaded into the kernel i.e.

[root@server1 proc]# lsmod |grep qla2xxx
qla2xxx              1019552  235
qla2xxx_conf          310408  1
scsi_mod              152465  7

In modprobe.conf we have following options for qla2xxx module:

[root@server1 proc]# grep options /etc/modprobe.conf|grep -v bond0
options qla2xxx qlport_down_retry=1 ql2xfailover=0 ConfigRequired=0
You can check the module parameters in 
So, for example with qla2xxx :
# cat /sys/module/qla2xxx/parameters/
ql2xallocfwdump             ql2xenablemsix              ql2xfdmienable    
ql2xlogintimeout            ql2xplogiabsentdevice      
ql2xqfulltracking           ql2xdevdiscgoldfw          
ql2xextended_error_logging  ql2xloginretrycount         ql2xmaxqdepth  
ql2xqfullrampup             qlport_down_retry        
Note: not all modules expose their parameters to the /sys tree. 
eq, the bnx2 module.

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